"See with your mind.

 Understand with your heart.   Create with your spirit." 

"Sometimes it is necessary

 to reinvent the artist, 

 as well as the art."

"See WHY you paint -

 and then paint it!"

"It is the responsibility of the 

 artist to see what is possible."

"To see what is possible -

 create the impossible."

"Know reality.  Have the  

 courage to become its 

 servant, and the imagination 

 to become its master." 

"If in your dreams you can fly,

 travel through time or rule an  empire, just imagine what you can  create while you're awake."

"After all who have come 

 and gone, and all that has been  learned and forgotten -

 art will survive."

Copyright 2020 Ray Gallo/The Gallo Gallery.

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